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Holidays and vacation      

Little Friends FCC mainly follows the holiday schedule of the San Francisco Unified School District, including two weeks in December and a week in spring. We also clos for an unpaid summer break (usually in July). Parents will receive at least 30 days advance written notice of the exact dates. 



Full payment ist required for the holiday schedule and your child´s sick days. Each family will receive 1 week´s vacation tuition free per year. If you plan on keeping your child out of care for longer than 1 week, tuition must be paid up front for the reamining vacation period in order to hold your child´s host. 

Drop-in fee 

The drop-in fee is $ 125 per day including meals


Closing time

Little friends closes at 4:30pm each day. 

If there is an emergency and you cannot come in time, please call us as soon as you know that you will be late. 

Families will pay §15 for the first 15minute that you are late and §30 for each subsequent 15minute. 


Payment is due the first day of each month.



Leave at least a week´s diapers at a time


Lunch & Snacks

We provide healthy lunch and snacks (included) 


Application fee

We are pleased to raise for the processing of the application form for a fee of §30.00 (nonrefundable)


Enrollment fee 

For taking your child in my Childcare ee charge a one-time administrative fee of § 100.00.



"Little Friends" family child care

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